Gabriel Topman

Owner Manager

I Have A Deam,  Something To Proof And Many Who Doubted (Even Blocked Me) Are Starting To Believe That It Can Be Done Because - Grace, Chance And Gabriel Topman Are Happening! 

I want to prove that money is just a tool or resource that can be used to facilitate and aline the right people with the right leaders or Union.

I will prove it by first making the most of what I get and then run a not-for-profit system that supports anyone that wants it. And encourage anyone that wants to stop depending on handouts and become a financial or evolutionary contributor.

Way back!

Inspired in 1992 by the story of computers and how it does a lot and made a Microsoft founder Bill Gates mega-rich. Gabriel, who had many names and nicknames given to him by different people, was inspired by the possible value he could add to the world around him at that time.

By making good honest money at that scale, he hoped to sponsor more food banks/catering places than he would have managed than if he settles for the normal life of self-interest and pure greed!

By January 1998, the inspiration started to evolve as his kind heart realized that he loves giving so much that giving away his food to the homeless happened to have been a re-occurring event after going to Mc Donalds in Camberwell, London. So he imagined setting up a bounce-back Bootcamp that caters for everyone and mentors the few people interested in becoming able to give back.

Since January 1998 Gabriel Topman has been preparing, training and working towards the vision of business management consultancy focussed on right-now and the future. In 2006, he took a first place certificate from The University of Manchester Metropolitan University as a sign of which strength to build on. Failed fast enough to realize by early 2007, he needed the right mentor and the only one he found at that time wanted around $12,000, so he borrowed it to invest in a solid foundation.

Today, Gabriel is working on the solid foundations that will support his life jazzing desire to contribute and be invited to contribute to causes that move the right people forward.


How we got here

  • Childhood inspiration
  • Life jazzing experiences
  • Fruits of personal development
  • Human need we care for the most
  • Right now, factor!

Right now and the future...

We will deliver packaged admin side business solution - focused on the critical paths of business survival and sustainable growth in a world clearly vulnerable to fast, touch and drastic events like those we have witnessed in recent past.

  • Knowing yourself first.
  • Pitching yourself and then sharing.
  • Making sure your business a market
  • Securing an effective route to market.
  • Making sure the route is discoverable.
  • Having a cost-effective process in place.
  • Tracking performance.
  • Blessing the right people.
  • Complying with survive
  • Complying to thrive
Forward Outlook Agent